Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back to Bamiyan

The last week I have gotten in a few runs, a couple of days on the trainer ( I love the new bike), and a couple of 2000 yard days in the pool.  But for the most part I have been working on the doing all the things needed to buy and sell a house.  However, not to jinx ourselves I am going to refrain from going into any detail at this time. 

This past year was my second trip to Afghanistan.  I spent 2002 in Kabul, Bamiyanbamiyan_map200 (home to the big Buddha's that the Taliban destroyed), and the Airbase at Bagram.  My favorite place was Bamiyan.  I was absolutely a beautiful place.  The people there were honest and hard working.  The Hazaras were persecuted by the Taliban and had suffered greatly.  Bamiyan is the middle of country is very isolated due the terrain.   During my 2002 time in Bamiyan I was previledged enough to build numerous schools  for both boys and girls,Boys and Girls School in Bamian emplace wells, and other activies that benefited the people  of this impoverished area.   I have enough stories about this place to fill a few hours over numerous beers.  During this tour, I was lucky enough to get back up there for a little while.   Man how the place has changed. 

I escorted some Afghan government leaders and luckily we flew Chase Helo over Shibar Passinstead of taking the long ass trip in a vehicle.  It was a wonderful experience to see all the changes.  There was a lot of new construction going on, at least 5k of roads had been paved, the airfield was being used.  Most of all I enjoyed seeing the safe house we had lived in 2002 had reverted back to the hotel it has been previously. 

Outside old safe house

This was our safehouse 2002.  20 Americans living by your wits

Old safe house outhouse

This was our outhouse.  We had carpeted and even magazine holders for reading material.

At the old safe house

The Lazy Triathlete over looking one of the Buddha holes in March 2010.

Inside old safe house 1 Inside old safe house 3

This what the hotel looks like now.


Enough reminiscing, it is time to get some sleep and get in a few miles in the morning. 

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