Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of Gluttony

I have been back from Afghanistan now for a little over two months and I have done exactly what I said I was not going to do.  I have eaten like it is going out of style.  I have not run or swam like I should have.  I haven’t biked much either, but I have an excuse for that, which I will discuss in a minute.   The last real run I did was a Turkey Trot on a family vacation in the Keys during Thanksgiving.   That is how pathetic I have been.  After Thanksgiving we went spent 10 days in Puerto Rico and on cruise.  During this time I ate and drank WAY too much.  Two extra days stuck in Chicago over Christmas did not help either.

My excuse for lack of riding is this—I had to move the bike and trainer out of my house because it is on the market.  Our realtor has us keeping things in our house to a minimum.  Since the house is rather small I completely agree with her.  We were suppose to close on the new house on Wednesday but that did not occur.  Now we are shooting for Monday.  All I can say about the underwriters is tell us up front what documentation is needed.  That allows us and the seller to be prepared.  Don’t wait until the last “effing” minute to throw something new at us.  So lets hope Monday or Tuesday works out.

The good news is once we get settled in the new house, I have one of the four bedrooms as mine.  I am having a flat screen mounted on the wall so during the cold winters I can ride and watch some shoot’em up movies.  The new house is over twice the size of our current one and has been completely renovated.  I am excited to get in and get settled.

Today is the last day of Gluttony for the bride and I.  We have been grazing on appetizer foods as we watch football games.  Tomorrow I have a 20 mile bike ride scheduled.  I am excited to get out and ride the new bike some more. 

So much for 2010.  Lets all welcome 2011. 


Carly said...

Happy New Year! I am in the same boat....I am enjoying the last few hours of gluttony and then it is training mania.

Lesser is More said...

Congrats on the new house (assuming closing goes well)!

Nothing better than the new year to start making the changes you wanted to. I'm sure the "man space" will give you just the right motivation to get back on track.