Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Workouts and Trip to the Willard Hotel

This has been my first full week of working out in AGES. Saturday morning I did an aerobic spin on the trainer for about an hour. I was pleased with the ride. I was able to do 16.8 miles over that hour, and after my warm up of 10 minutes I was able to hold about 17mph the entire time. In my slow, lazy world 17 mph is my grail. If I can hold anything over 17mph for a race I am very pleased. And btw, Magnum did get off on the murder charges.

Today My running buddy and I are planning on doing an easy 4 or 4.5 miles. Both of use need to get back into the swing of running. Plus my legs are sore from doing more than sitting on my ass.

Yesterday, I took a Washington DC Photosafari to the Willard Hotel. The Willard is a very old prestigious hotel near the White House. This is one of the hotels that dignitaries stay when they come to DC. Lincoln stayed here prior to his inaguration. I have been to the Willard twice and both times I have see a former secretary of state. Yesterday I passed Henry Kissinger and the first time I saw Madeleine Albright. Unfortunately, I was in the revolving door and could not get my camera out fast enough to get his photo.

In such partisan charged times, this is one of my favorite signs that was put up for the inaguration. Whichever view you have the world, this sign was very respectful and I thank the company that did it.

This photo is from the Jenny Lind suite on the 12th floor. Can you imagine that view, especially at night as you are bathing? It is hard to see in the photo, but you can also see the Jefferson Memorial.
This photo was taken in the Willard Room (the main dining room). I was shoot handheld at about 1/15 so it is not as clear as I wish. The ceiling was not the right color to bounce the flash.

This table was set up for afternoon tea. The hallway was full of people enjoying their tea, but I tried not to take their photo.

One of the many alcoves in the lobby. I was practicing with my white balance and flash. This photo turned out to be the most natural of the lot. The intent of the class was learn to shoot as you would for a brochure of the hotel (and to get see places in the hotel not normally available to the public.
Another photo from the lobby. This one turned out to be very good also. If you are ever in the DC area I recommend you take a DC Photo Safari. They have plenty of tours of the monuments and you will come away with some great pics.


Trishie said...

I'd like to do that (I live in Balt, so DC isn't *that* far ;)). Great photos and great workouts!

CoachLiz said...

Very cool. I have never heard of a photosafari and that is saying a lot since my dad was a professional news photographer for over 40 years.

Kelly said...

I was just thinking how you havn't posted anything on your blog in ages. But then I realized you weren't on my google reader... you used to be! Woops! :)

I hear ya with the 17 mph. I was up at 17 for a good portion of my last tri, and it made me VERY happy!

Melanie said...

Great job on the workouts and awesome pics! Never heard of a photo safari either -- looks like a great time! Enjoy the Super Bowl yummies.... today was a rest day for me.

Carly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think your blog is great. I also have never heard of a photosafari. I. Must. Do. One! It looks like a blast. I am a photography fanatic. Your photos look great.

BreeWee said...

ROCK ON 17 MPH! Claim that and you deserve a burrito for that! The name of the shop is "Alma's Tacos", when you come to Kona we will eat there (ha ha). NICE hotel, sheeesh!

Rainmaker said...

Wow, just checking out thier site - that's pretty cool. Your pics are great too - especially the bathtub one. Looks like you're breakin in that new camera quite well.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice workouts! I hope the run went well!

And great photos of such a prominent place!!

Lesser is More said...

The Jenny Lind suite is pretty cool. I likethe shot you got of that room. Good lighting. I'm going to check out that site...sounds interesting!