Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Ramblings

  • It has been too cold for me to run the last couple of days. I have a rule that I don't run when it is colder than 20 degrees outside.
  • I did yoga for the first time yesterday. I can't say that I am any more centered or at peace with myself, but it was a really good stretch.
  • There was an issue at the pool this morning so there was no swimming. I did do some ab work and pushups. I should get smart enough to take workout clothes with me so when this happens I can do some weight training.
  • I wish my blog was for sale. But then I am not as interesting as DC Rainmaker.
  • I am continuing my "politeness study" and the results are very interesting. Over 50% of the women are not as happy when you hold the door open for them, but about 75% of the men are very appreciative. I still don't understand it.
  • James Bond movies always entertaining. Especially the ones with Sean Connery.
  • I am torn over the controversy regarding Michael Phelps. I have never done drugs and I don't understand them at all. When an athlete accomplishes the feats he has he becomes a role model whether he wants too or not. However, all the work that has gone into his accomplishments have kept him from being a normal person. He did not grow up like the rest of us. Let's hope that he has learned from this episode and become the role model he should be.


Kelly said...

I agree with the Phelps thing. We did a story about it, and they said "Michael Phelps is 23 years old" and I said, "Holy crap! He's my age!" I guess I always think of him as way older. And, while I don't approve of it, I know a lot of people (and friends) who smoke pot. I feel bad that he does it and gets in trouble whereas so many people do it every day with no consequences

CoachLiz said...

Very strange that men are more appreciative than women when you hold the door. I don't get the smoking pot thing either. If you would not smoke a cigarette, why then would you smoke pot? I guess I am old and lame as my buddy Johnny Tri likes to point out.

Rainmaker said... blogs not for sale - unless someone wants to may be a lot of moola. In which case it will most certainly be for sale.

I agree with you regarding Phelps - in some ways you want to say 'tough', but in others you want to say 'it happens'.