Friday, June 20, 2008

Philly Prep

The last couple of weeks I have been preparing for my race in Philly. I have been focusing more on my swimming. The new swim coach has been worked wonders with the group of swimmers we have. Yesterday was my last hard workout and he had me swim time trials:
400 -- 7:10
400 -- 7:25
200 -- 3:41
200 -- 3:45
100-- 1:50
100 -- 1:51
100 -- 1:50
100 -- 1:43

I know for you speed demons out there that is not fast at all, but I am damn happy with times.

Finding time to run has not been a problem either. I have been averaging about 20 miles a week over three run days. My problem has been biking. I have been averaging one bike ride a week and it has typically been for 2 hours or less. I know that my biking will not be that good this weekend. The good news is that the course is more of less flat with some small hills.

We will be departing Saturday morning and staying with a friend of the Bride who lives near the race site. She has been planning a big a weekend for her and the Bride. After the race, the only thing I am really looking forward to is going to eat at Pat's.


Lesser is More said...

Pat's is a fine post-race reward. I rewarded myself at Pat's the last time I was in Philly, only I wasn't doing a race.

Best of luck this weekend!

rocketpants said...

Nice swim drills!

Enjoy the race!

triguyjt said...

dont rip on your times...they are good and you should do well in the race....

look forward to a report...
good luck

CoachLiz said...

That is the sticker about our sport. Once you start to really focus on one sport, the other two take the back seat. It can be hard to balance it all.

Let us know how it went!