Monday, June 16, 2008

...and here I am

This past couple of weeks have been non-stop action. The first week in June I was doing my change of command inventories and getting ready for my new Army job. Even as a "weekend" warrior, this job is full time. However, before the ceremony, I had a wedding to attend in Reading, PA. It was a very nice wedding and the reception was even better. The food was actually good. I even discovered a new drink--Malibu rum and pineapple juice. It is great for those hot days.

Sunday we were up early and heading back to College Park, MD for the ceremony. We arrived a couple of hours early, introduced the bride and her parents to some of my new soldiers and conducted a rehearsal of the ceremony. To make it official here is my "command" photo:

Last week it was back to work and back to steady workouts. I was able to swim about 5000 yards, run 12 miles, and actually got in a 25 mile bike ride before I left for another wedding on Saturday. Friday was an interesting day. I had to go to the DC jail to deal with one of my soldiers. Lets just say that is a very interesting place.

One of the Bride's cousin was getting married near Princeton, NJ. This wedding was nice, but the food wasn't as good as the week before. Plus it rained like hell and the roof at the reception location leaked. Then we had breakfast with some family members and headed back to the homestead.

Today was back at work, but we had all sorts of connectivity issues. Then to top everything off, we had a short, but strong storm that knocked the power out for about 6 hours. But it is back on, so I can sleep coolly in air conditioned bliss.

This weekend it is off to Philly for the Philly Tri. More on that later.


Rainmaker said...

Woot to power coming back online! Mine just came back a few minutes ago, but also whacked the last chunk of my workday dealing with the same issues as you.

You're going to Philly this weekend as well? Awesome!

IronMatron said...

Good luck at Philly! Can't wait to hear the report.

Ryan said...

I stood up when I saw your command pic. My wife has been AD Navy for 13 years and have only seen her in uniform 3 times. Pfffft, Navy right!

I just found you through rainmaker.

Hi, I'm Ryan ;)

MAJ K said...


You look very Commanding in your photo. Good luck leading the Brigade HQ. I know lot of people from your parent unit in Fort Meade Reserve center. They all say great things about you.

CoachLiz said...


Always did like a man in a uniform. Give 'em hell in Philly this weekend!