Saturday, May 31, 2008

Man Bra???

I was heading home on the Mount Vernon Trail today when I say what I thought was a rather unattractive woman running toward me. This individual's hair was cut like a man would cut it and had a rather masculine build. However, this individual was wearing what appeared to be a woman's running top. It looked something like this

As I passed the individual I realized it was a man with rather large man boobs, hence the need for a the top. However, he was out exercising and I do applaud that. The choice of running attaire was just rather strange.

I saw a doctor last week and there was no real damage to my knee. I merely had bruised the the side of it, but nothing was torn or seriously injuried. I took last week. However, Wednesday I was back out running. I ran Wednesday and Friday. Today I got in about 22 miles on the bike. I keep it easy just work myself back into it. I have not biked in over 3 weeks, so I did not want to over do it. This is what I look like after a bug splattered ride

I am on another new project at work. Due to additional funding issues, I have had to move to another project. This one is not as exciting to me as the previous couple. However, it is very high profile and rather interesting. Some of my loyal readers have wondered what I actually look like in work clothes. Here is a picture of me dressed for work as I was talking to my team.


Rainmaker said...

Good to hear about your knee. Looks like you got out in the morning, otherwise you would have been a bit more than bug-splattered.

triguyjt said...

glad mr. knee is getting better and about the guy with the bra...hey...i give him alot of credit.. would be too easy to make fun..blah blah..but he is going with it..

props to him...

you do clean up well, sir

Lesser is More said...

Bro or Manssiere? Thats tough, but it sure beats swinging low. Just imagine the chaffing possibilities...wait...I won't go there.

Glad to hear the knee is improving.

rocketpants said...

Glad to hear the knee is feeling better!

Xena said...

Mild mannered reporter Kevin, or SUPER Kevin!

Good news about your knee!

CoachLiz said...

Good to hear the knee is going to get better.

I have a person that I work with (NOTE I SAID PERSON) who is going through gender reassignment therapy. Can I suggest that bit of training clothing to them???

Anonymous said...

You look just like the guy on the SAIC career website.

Are you the same guy?