Thursday, May 8, 2008

A quick update

Where have the last couple of weeks gone? Things on the world of the Lazy Triathlete have been nuts. After the wet n wild weekend of the Lake Anna Sprint, I was able to get in some decent runs and swims. However, the bike riding has been lacking.

I have been working to get a billable project at work. All of April, I was doing some training, proposals, and misc crap around the office. It was all the things that make a business work, but don’t make any money. So I was working my butt off doing all those fun things.

Then there I had attack of the ALLERGIES II. This time was not sniffling and sneezing and blowing my nose, it was serious pressure on the right side of my head. I took it easy for a couple of days trying to allow the body to heal itself. The body is an amazing organism. Give it the right rest and nutrients and you will get better.

As I stated my workouts have not been that numerous. In the past 2.5 weeks, I have only swam 8700 yards, biked 23 miles and run 27.5. Can we say that Columbia is going to suck next weekend?

On the positive front—I don’t have to go to UT for work. I am a great project now, which utilizes my experience in the Army, my work with my company, and the rest of my charm and good looks. I was also selected to command a company this past weekend. The new Commander of the 354th Civil Affairs BDE is a great guy and he asked me to be his HHC Commander. I am pumped up the opportunity.

Let me get back to work, but I felt I needed to conduct some kind of update.


IronMatron said...

We've missed you! Glad everything's all right. When bloggers I read a lot don't post regularly I begin to fear they've been hit by a bus and will never write again, and how will I find out? What if I miss the funeral?
Go for a good ride this weekend!!! I hear the weather's been pukey down there with tornados and stuff.

Rainmaker said...

Bummer about the allergies. :(

But happy to hear that work is going well and the new opportunity.

Keep it up!

triguyjt said...

don't rip on yourself...i bet you do very well at columbia....

good luck on the race and of course on the allergies

CoachLiz said...

Glad to see you're back Lazy.