Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lead Legs?

This past weekend I did almost 3 hours on the bike (Sat) and then Donna and I took a Segway Tour of DC. I could have cared less about the tour, but being able to ride a Segway around DC was a lot of fun. I highly recommend it. After biking for a while, standing for another 3 hours on the Segway really made my legs heavy. I ran a little over an hour on Sunday. My legs felt like they weighed a ton. Even after resting on Monday my swimming on Tuesday was difficult. My legs just did not want to kick.

I really debated on whether to run this morning. Peer pressure is a great thing, so I was up and running at 520. Joe, Janel and I did a brisk 40 min run that opened my legs back up. One more swim tomorrow and a short bike ride then its off to the races.

1 comment:

hardcore runner said...

Sounds to me like you train every day....more like, "just-not-a-naturally-talented triathlete", than a lazy one