Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Countdown to Charlottesville

Five days to go before the Charlottesville International Triathlon. I have not had a race since May 20th and the Columbia Triathlon. You would think that 60 days without a race and I would be prepared. However, with out pressure to get something done I tend to waste time on something else.

My swimming has been progressing. Swimming at the Alexandria YMCA with the Adult League has really bettered my swimming. My first race of 2006 was a 750m swim--time 22:something and my first race this year was 1500m--time 29:something. I would say thats a big improvement. I am hoping to swim under 29 minutes on Sunday.

My biking is well--biking. I really need to focus more on it. That will be my focus in the future. And if I could (had the strength, wasn't so lazy) lose about 10 lbs my running would greatly improve. But this sport is about having fun, staying in shape and pushing yourself to find new challenges.

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