Monday, January 18, 2010

Hanging out Karzblacastan

Things here in Karzblacastan (I will tell you where we really are after we depart) are actually pretty decent—other than the fact we are still here. Sunday we had a pretty intense snow storm here. It was reported at over 9inches which is supposed to be a record for here. There is still snow everywhere. Night of snow 2Luckily, today the sun came out and when the wind was not blowing it was actually very pleasant. If the roads had not still been icy I would have gone for a run. There was suppose to be a good abs class at the gym this afternoon, but I napped through it.Snow outside my tent

Before you think that I am being overly lazy napping the afternoon away I was up most of the night thanks to the Bulgarians. TheirKO in the snow flight was cancelled and they all came back to the tent. They are not the quietest of peoples. They also had one guy who had that penetrating voice that even made it through the songs of my iPod.

The food is pretty good. The chow hall is open 24 hours a day so food is not a problem. What is very interesting is that the sun does not come up until after 0830. This morning about 0745 I was leaving the chow hall and it looked like the middle of the night. There were very few people out and it was dark and dreary. It looked like it was midnight. If we don’t get out on Tuesday we have a little “cultural excursion” planned for about 10 people.Chowhall I am not scheduled to go on the trip but it will be nice to have some of the younger soldiers get out and see another country. Especially one that they probably never see again. If you are permanent party at this location you get to avail yourself of these trips. It took our Bde Commander to get this approved for us.

We are all in good spirits and ready to get on with the mission. However, I would like one more day here to assist in the resetting of my internal clock.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Thanks for the update, continue being safe! I'm quite surprised at the snow!!

Rainmaker said...

Nice update, pics and all!

Interested in hearing more about your cultural excurion. And keep safe!

IronLinae, PhD said...

Take care of yourself. Looking forward to getting your address when you arrive.

CoachLiz said...

When you can, please let us know where you were. It sounds exciting. If the sun does not come up before 8:30 am, you must be pretty far north.

Anonymous said...

Hit those weights and abs, brother man! Us big guys have to stay ahead of the freight train that is our expanding waistlines!

-- TJ