Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Catching Up

I really am still around.  I just have not been training or blogging.  I finished up my civilian work the end of August and spent the month of September starting Army work and cleaning out my mother’s house in Georgia.  I have a great house for a great price if any one in the North GA area is looking. 

The first three weeks of training we did at Fort Dix, NJ were some of the best I received as an Army reservist.  It was all very professional and of the highest quality.  I was much impressed.   One of my soldiers has taken a lot of pictures and once I get copies of them I will post them and go into more detail of the type training we conducted. 

After we completed this first phase of training the leadership left for Afghanistan and Iraq.  I just completed a whirlwind tour of Kabul with stops in Bagram and Kuwait.  This was my first time back in Afghanistan since 2002 and it has really changed.  Bagram has about three times as many people as it did then and the streets of Kabul have much better cars than before.  The most amazing thing was that I only saw three burqas on women.  Based on the media reports and the Taliban violence I expected many more. 

Bagram from the Air

Here is a photo of Bagram from the air.  As you can see it is pretty good sized. 




KO and the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

This is a sad little tree we decided reminded us of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. 





KO at Tillman USO Finally just a quick photo of me in front of the Pat Tillman USO in Bagram. 

I will work to get a new post out every couple of days.  I think we have the connectivity issue fixed. 


Rainmaker said...

Good to see you're doing well. Keep us updated and most improtantly - keep safe!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good hear you are well, be safe, and...... thank you

Jenn said...

Stay safe!!!
I hope the Bride is doing OK with the deployment ... isn't this the first one you've had together? Looking forward to seeing your posts and hearing about multi-sport training Afghan style ;)

Lesser is More said...

Glad to hear from you. Thats a pretty cool pic of Bagram to see the size of it. Keep us posted with posts when you get a chance!

Charisa said...

I like the Charlie Brown Tree! Your blog title makes me laugh :)

it's all about pace said...

Good stuff... keep it coming... and we appreciate you guys.