Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Aquaman Hits the Pool

450 am came very early this morning. However, after my poor performance in the pool this past weekend (hence the Aquaman moniker), I am forcing my ass to the pool and out the door to run even when it is cold out.

Today should have been an easy workout, but it smoked me. I am glad I started back on a easy day. It took me over 50 minutes (would you believe I forgot my stopwatch) to do 2000 yards.
The workout looked something like:

200 easy kick
150 pull
100 Breast
500 Free
5x50 Sprint
200 easy kick
100 breast
400 free
100 easy kick

Tomorrow morning will be cold and I am sure my lingering cold will not be happy with the frigid air, but exercise is needed. I am so much more energized this morning.

Tomorrow will also be my 3 year anniversary. I have to run in the morning to make room for dinner at Ruth Chris.


Kelly said...

I've never swam 2000 before, so 50 minutes sounds good to me! And happy almost anniversary.

Shawn said...

I'm still trying to get y workouts under an hour. Slogging through 2200 meters last night took me about an hour and a half. But a good hour and half :)

CoachLiz said...

Your workout took long because of the kick sets. Those 200 yds of kick take almost double of the time it takes to swim it.

Good on Ya!

rocketpants said...

very cool!

Rainmaker said...

Damn, 500 kick overall, that's impressive. Kick is not my friend.