Monday, November 17, 2008

Anniversity Weekend

This weekend the bride and I went to Williamsburg, VA for our wedding anniversary. This is the second year in a row that we have gone to Williamsburg for our anniversary. We try to get out and visit some of the historic areas near our area. I highly recommend that everyone get out and visit the historic areas in your local areas. It is very enlightening for yourself and especially for your children. History has been giving a bad rap and so many people see history as boring. Just remember, if you do not know and understand history you are bound to repeat it.

We departed the DC area about noon and headed south about noon on Friday. We stopped at Bass Pro Shop just north of Richmond. If you have never been to a Bass Pro Shop it is, a man’s playground. Everything from rods and reels, to boats, to out door clothing, and camping equipment. We wandered around the store. The bride was fixated on the little pink four-wheeler. It is amazing how woman flock to things that are pink.

We checked in to the hotel, rested and then headed over to a great restaurant, which we eat at every time we are in the area. Food for Thought has very good food at a reasonable price. I recommend the Steak Salad. Friday night was rainy and dreary, so we just headed back to the hotel to watch some TV and turn in.

Saturday morning we had our free breakfast (you have to love all the perks you get with travel) and then we headed off the Yorktown Battlefield. The drive down the Colonial Parkway was absolutely breath taking. The trees were changing colors and just an incredible orange and yellows. I will not rehash the battle, but the Park Ranger that led the discussion of the battle was absolutely incredible. Just by his words and actions, he made the battle come alive. If you make it to Yorktown ask for Ranger Mac. He was incredible.

Saturday night we saw the new Bond movie. If you have seen Casino Royale, then you can follow the movie and it is pretty good. However, the movie does not stand-alone. The rest of the weekend was great and we headed back home to prepare for this week. I hope everyone else had as a good as weekend as I did.


Kelly said...

Go history! (wow... I sounded like a nerd there).

I volunteered at our town's historic museum village for 8 years when I was younger. I had to dress up in 1800-style clothing and give tours. I LOVED teaching little kids about all the interesting things that happened right there in their backyards, and how kids their age lived back then.

Rainmaker said...

Happy Anniversary!

That's a great area, and the Colonial Parkway is also a great cycling place.

I agree with Bond - you have to almost see them back to back. While I saw Casino Royale a while back, we saw it again Friday night before seeing the new movie Saturday night. Good stuffs.

Shawn said...

Living on the west coast - it's easy to 'miss out' on a lot of history. Especially spending most of my time in/around SF - there's not much older then 1912.

rocketpants said...

Happy Anniversary weekend!! Sounds like you had a great time.