Sunday, September 28, 2008


This blog use to keep me honest. This blog use to motivate me to get off my ass and work out. Well, I stopped blogging and I have not been working out much. Or is it that I stopped working out much and therefore I stopped blogging? Interesting question don't you think?

This morning I did a small local 10K called the Dash for Dad and I was absolutely humiliated. I have been doing some 4-5 mile runs once a week or so, but nothing you could call serious training. I have ridden my bike twice since the New Jeresy State Triathlon and I even backed out of the Nation's Triathlon due work and lack of training.

When you run alone or even with a buddy and you are slow, you can blame it on chatting while you run or you don't want to leave the person because you are typically faster than they are. You can always find an excuse. However, in a race it is just you against the clock. Today the clock won!!! I did a flat 10K in 1:00:57. I am never really fast at the 10K distance, but I am a typical 50 minute guy. Today just flat out sucked. Today is the day I start training again. I can't lie to myself any more. The clock will not let me. I will beat the clock again.


CoachLiz said...

Dang it!!! I hate that clock as well.

rocketpants said...

Life ebbs and will beat that clock again. Sometimes things take priority and you just can't help it. Don't be too hard on yourself and get back up and beat that clock!

Rainmaker said...

Life happens, don't worry about it! Plus, now you're able to start running in the best time of year - fall! nice and cool, plenty of PR's can now be set. None of that messy/hot/humid summer stuff.