Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buying a new house, moving, cold weather, and working out

Ok, it is not really a reason, more like an excuse.  I haven’t been that good on working out over the last 3 weeks.  My excuse is that we bought a new house, moved, my wife went out of town for two weeks and I was putting stuff together and cleaning up the place.  Did I mention it was cold too?  Cold is lame, I admit it.  I have been much colder in my life than it has been here lately. 

We closed on the house 7 January and had the movers take everything out of the house on the 8th.  January 10th was a great day for my supervisory skills.  I had the locksmith, the FIOS guy (if you can get it, it beats the hell out of cable), Sears brought the new washer and dryer, the plumber, the yard guys, and the Geek Squad to hang the two TVs.  One in the downstairs den and one in my office/workout room.  I can now watch TV, a DVD, or stream a movie from Netflix as I ride the bike or work out.

I have lost 2.5 lbs in the last three weeks, so I am eating better.  That motivated me to get back to working out this week.  I was up at 5am Monday for an easy 30 minute ride on the bike.  Then after I got home I started a new ab workout.  I have to say that my abs are rather sore today.  This morning I got up and did a 30 min run, which is my third run in the last 2 weeks.  After work today I hit the new gym (we finally joined this weekend) and I swam about 30 mins.  The swim was ok, but an easy 30 min swim should not have been as hard this one felt. 

Tomorrow is another day on the bike.  Shooting for 35 minutes.  I want to get up to 45 mins before work, and then do the Ab workout after I get home.  All it takes is 21 days to get in the habit!!!!

Keep working hard everyone!!


it's all about pace said...

nice job on the 10th... quite a day. Glad to hear that you are back in the training swing

Doreen said...

Hey Lazy!
Just came across your blog.
That getting back in the swing can be tough...
I look forward to following you on your journeys!