Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend up or Why I prefer Waffle House to IHOP

Last week I was able to actually swim and run more than I have in a while. Wednesday, Running Buddy and I were able to get in a moderate 5 miles in the morning. It was rather on the humid side, but thankfully it did not rain during our run. I do think this was the first weekend morning run that I have been able to complete in just shorts and t-shirt.

Thursday morning was back in the pool. I swam about 2200 yards in about 50 minutes. I am still a little slow, but it is coming back. This workout was a combination of medium distance at a moderate pace and finishing up with a longer slower set.

Friday was a non-run day due to having 3 days of playing Army with my Reserve Unit. It was a pretty decent weekend. The range went smoother than I expected and we qualified about 2/3 of the shooters. And for the Reserves that is pretty damn good. We just don't have the opportunity to shoot as much as we like due to travel to and from ranges and ammo constraints. But then I love to shoot and I would be happy to 30K rounds a year just for myself. It rained some on Saturday, but it was not enough to make the time shooting uncomfortable. Below are a couple of photos from Saturday.

Sunday was a trying day for everyone. The Bride came to the Unit to get an ID card made, but the machine ending up being broken after she drove up in the rain and then had to wait on the ID guy. So much for me being proactive. :) After I returned home she wanted Ice Cream for dinner (she is almost to turn the big 4-0) so who am I to critize. We drove to Baskin and Robins, but I commented on wanting a waffle. We sat down at the IHOP next to BR and I had the worst waffle of my life. I guess that is what I get for having a waffle at IHOP. Then off to BR for icecream. The coffee ice cream the we wanted had freezer fungus on it--so that was a no go. Then off to another icecream shop in the neighborhood and it was closed!!! The Bride was not happy.
However, I reminded her that in 72 hours (from the ice cream and waffle fiasco) we would be landing in Maui!!! Less than 48 hours from now we will be departing from Washington. Other than the long flight (first class baby) I am ready to get there.
I don't know how blogging will go while we are there. However, I do plan on trying some of the mobile blogging.
Well time to get to work.


Lesser is More said...

Rule #1 for going out for indulgent foods - only purchase it if you know you will enjoy it. I think you made the right decision to pass on the ice fungus coffee flavor. Better to save that treat for when you see something you know will be good so you can truly indulge.

Have a blast in Hawaii!

Ryan said...

I dearly love WF hash browns scattered covered chunked and diced. Give me those over Ice cream any day.


Melanie said...

hmmm, not sure we have either this far north! LOL

Rainmaker said...

The second shot is very nicely framed!

As for IHOP and Waffles - I present the following to you to consider for future purchases of WAFFLES:

International House of Pancakes.


International House of Waffles.

Just sayin'.... :)

CoachLiz said...

IHOP to me is so nasty. That golf ball size "dollop" of butter that they put on every waffle and pancake stack is way much more butter than any person really needs. And who really needs a stack of pancakes along with their plate of ham, eggs, and hash browns? Who eats like that at home??? Don't even get me started on the patrons who frequent IHOP on a regular basis.

Have a blast in Hawaii! All you need to do is send us two pictures: one of the beach and one of the palm trees. Oh, and a pineapple pic would be nice as well. One day I will get there, one day...